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Welcome to Quantity Surveying /Building Estimation online training course. it is focused on practical application of Estimation using Auto Cad & M.S Excel

This course is a field oriented course and contains real examples and a full fledge real project for better understanding

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to develop a schedule, How to read Drawings, Different Parts Of Drawings,

Excavation Work

  • How to Find Out Excavation Quantity ,

Concrete Work And Brick Work Substructure And Superstructure

  • How to Find Plain Cement Concrete,

  • How to Find Out Brick Work in Foundation And In Superstructure,

  • How to Find Concrete In Beam And Columns,

Bar bending Schedule

  • How to Prepare Bar bending Schedule Sheet In Excel,

  • Bar bending Schedule Basics

  • How to Find Steel ,Like

  • Bar-bending Schedule Of Column Necks And Columns

  • Bar-bending Schedule Of Beams

  • Bar-bending Schedule Of Stairs

  • Bar Bending Schedule Of Slab

Rate Analysis Of Different Works:

Rate Analysis For Excavation

Rate Analysis For Plain Cement Concrete (P.C.C)

Rate Analysis For Reinforcement Concrete (Column Beam And Slab)

Rate Analysis For Masonry Work

Rate Analysis For Plaster Work

Rate Analysis For Tile Work

Rate Analysis For Paint Work

Finishing Work

Quantity For Tiles

Quantity For Marble

Quantity For Skirting

Quantity For Plaster

Quantity For Paint

Material Statement :

Material Statement In Excel

Bill Of Quantity (B.O.Q)

Bill Of Quantity For A Project According To CSI Codes

Mode Of Payments To Contractors

  • Advance And Secured Advance

  • Final Payment And Mobilization Advance

  • How to Prepare Interim Payment In Excel Complete Procedure

What will i learn?

  • Estimation Of Complete Project With Excel And Autocad
  • Creating Material Statement In Excel Means We Will Find out Material To Be Used In Our Project
  • Steel Calculations
  • Bar bending Schedule Like , B.B.S For Footing, Columns, Beams And Slab
  • Bill Of Quantity (BOQ)
  • Mode Of Payments To Contractors
  • Interim Payment In Excel


  • Basic Knowlege Of Civil Engineering.

Mudessar Afraz

Civil Engineer

My Name Is Mudessar Afraz And I am skilled and experienced civil engineer with a strong background in Quantity Surveying And Project Planning. I have a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget. In addition to my technical expertise, I am also an experienced online instructor, with a passion for teaching and a talent for making complex concepts easy to understand. With my combination of engineering knowledge and teaching skills, I am well-suited to help students succeed in the field of civil engineering.

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Ahmad Shahroz



Best Quantity Surveying Course in Pakistan. Haven't seen such a detailed course before.

Umar Hayat



Good teaching method thanks.





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