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Terms And Conditions

The Instructor has agreed to sell his/her trainings which is mutually agreed and decided by the Parties. If any third-party files a withdrawal notice on the instructor's course due to copyright violations, we will suspend his/her (instructor 's) course unless the instructor proves that the content is his/her original creation. Instructor is responsible for maintaining his/her content and its quality. reserves the rights to approve, delete courses that are createdby instructors.


  • a. Instructor shall devote such time, energy, skill, and experience to the performance of Instructor duties as are required to develop and upload a professional quality, accurate, and timely program along with responding promptly to the students who might have questions/queries regarding the training programs.
  • b. The Instructor will either upload himself/herself or provide the Company with the program package consisting of Video’s, Word/PDF documents, Quizzes etc. required for the program.